1. Massive Cover-Up Of Islamic Terror I-85 Bridge Explosion In Atlanta Now Underway (WDIM)
  2. Atlanta Attorney Assassinated After Filing Request For I-85 Bridge Explosion Documents (〃)
  3. Spanish Gunship Makes “Illegal Incursion” Into British Waters Off Gibraltar (〃)
  4. Jared Kushner is surreptitiously throwing Steve Bannon under the bus (SOTT)
  5. Bannon no longer on Trump’s National Security Council – report (〃)
  6. Idlib “chemical weapons attack” reality: Syria bombed REBEL chemical weapons storehouse, Russia says military support will continue, vetoes U.S./UK/France UN resolution (〃)
  7. Le Pen: Investors know the Euro system is dying, will invest in France under national currency (〃)
  8. Kiev is now begging US for coal supplies (〃)
  9. US to balkanize Syria under Kurdish pretext (〃)
  10. More than half U.S. newspaper jobs have disappeared since 2001 (〃)
  11. 資産縮小「年内が適切」FOMC議事要旨(日経)
  12. 東京都心3区、人口増が加速 子育て世代流入(〃)
  13. 水道料金、30年後は1.6倍に 人口減で収支悪化(〃)
  14. 国有地売却、8割が随意契約 行政の裁量働きやすく(〃)
  15. ダライ・ラマのインド訪問に反発 中国(〃)
  16. 米経済「何かが間違っている」 JPモルガンCEO(〃)
  17. 北朝鮮ミサイル、急ピッチの技術向上 昨夏以降に加速(〃)
  18. タルーロFRB理事「ボルカールールは変更可能」 ストレステストの緩和も主張(〃)
  19. インド株が最高値 海外マネー流入、5年ぶり規模(〃)



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