1. Ten years’ financial crisis: Can it happen again? (FAZ)
  2. Trump slump: Dollar sinks to four-month low and Dow Jones heads for longest losing streak since 2011 on reflation trade doubts (Telegraph)
  3. Trump sends letter to Vietnam leader promoting better ties (Hill)
  4. Russia defends ancient Christian City from West’s head-chopping ‘moderates’ (SOTT)
  5. Erdogan urges Kurds to expand his powers in referendum (〃)
  6. Russia just called out US/NATO role in Afghan drug trafficking, media silent (〃)
  7. Mattis: U.S. concerned by Russia’s actions in Afghanistan (〃)
  8. Egyptian high court unblocks ban on islands transfer to Saudis (DEBKA)
  9. Mormon Baptism for the Dead Sees Resurgence, Despite Jewish Outcry (Haaretz)
  10. Egyptian Court Allows Contested Hand Over of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia (〃)
  11. From ‘Tehrangeles’ with love: The epic family history of some of LA’s wealthiest Persian Jews (Jerusalem Post)
  12. Is the Iranian regime facing a Kurdish uprising? (〃)
  13. Dozens of Jewish graves vandalized in French cemetery‏ (Ynet)
  14. Gibraltar ‘not for sale,’ Britain tells Spain (Press TV)
  15. Shanghai FTZ to support “Belt and Road” initiative through bond offering (Shanghai Daily)
  16. タンス預金が増える理由 「資産見られたくない」(日経)
  17. 日本企業の海外M&A、最高の11兆円 16年度(〃)



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