1. GLOBAL INCREASE IN MILITARY SPENDING: The big contest – and who profits from it (Handelsblatt)
  2. Europe’s security under pressure: The Brexit throws its shadows ahead (NZZ)
  3. Global currency reserves: The Chinese renminbi makes its debut (〃)
  4. Our exit from Europe will spur China’s path to world leadership (Telegraph)
  5. White House: Fate of Assad up to Syrians (Hill)
  6. Putin spokesman: US-Russia relations ‘maybe worse’ now than Cold War (〃)
  7. U.S. Military Personnel Deployments by Country

  1. Massive fire collapses section of Atlanta I – 85 highway (WDIM)
  2. Israel conducts large-scale military drill to get ready for next ‘real war’ with Hezbollah (SOTT)
  3. SpaceX reuses Falcon 9 rocket, but long road ahead for military adoption (Defense News)
  4. US State Dept. employee arrested by FBI on suspicion of spying for China (DEBKA)
  5. Jordan’s King Abdullah: Israel undermining chances of peace (Jerusalem Post)
  6. For first time in decades, Pakistan allows one citizen to register as a Jew (〃)
  7. ISIS eyeing South Sinai (Ynet)
  8. Belgian region’s plan to ban ritual slaughter upsets Jews, Muslim‏ (〃)
  9. North Korea has got to be stopped: Mattis (Press TV)
  10. ‘US no longer focusing on getting Assad out’ (〃)
  11. 「トランプ相場」息切れ鮮明 3月米国株(日経)
  12. 住宅ローン金利上昇 3メガ銀、マイナス金利前水準に(〃)
  13. 財制審分科会委員に中曽日銀副総裁(〃)
  14. 金融市場、日銀の独壇場 国債保有400兆円、株式最大の買い手(〃)
  15. 法人所得総額、過去最大の57兆円 15年度(〃)
  16. ヨルダン川西岸で入植地建設承認 イスラエル、20年ぶり(〃)
  17. [FT]石炭復権のトランプ大統領令は経済原理無視(〃)
  18. 米貿易障壁報告書 日本の車市場に「強い懸念」表明(毎日)
  19. 政府、米抜きTPP発効を検討 ガット参考に別途議定書案(SankeiBiz)



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