1. Russia threatens military retaliation over Syria as Boris Johnson warns US could make further air strikes (Telegraph)
  2. エルニーニョ発生確率50% 今夏、気象庁見通し(日経)



  1. Massive Cover-Up Of Islamic Terror I-85 Bridge Explosion In Atlanta Now Underway (WDIM)
  2. Atlanta Attorney Assassinated After Filing Request For I-85 Bridge Explosion Documents (〃)
  3. Spanish Gunship Makes “Illegal Incursion” Into British Waters Off Gibraltar (〃)
  4. Jared Kushner is surreptitiously throwing Steve Bannon under the bus (SOTT)
  5. Bannon no longer on Trump’s National Security Council – report (〃)
  6. Idlib “chemical weapons attack” reality: Syria bombed REBEL chemical weapons storehouse, Russia says military support will continue, vetoes U.S./UK/France UN resolution (〃)
  7. Le Pen: Investors know the Euro system is dying, will invest in France under national currency (〃)
  8. Kiev is now begging US for coal supplies (〃)
  9. US to balkanize Syria under Kurdish pretext (〃)
  10. More than half U.S. newspaper jobs have disappeared since 2001 (〃)
  11. 資産縮小「年内が適切」FOMC議事要旨(日経)
  12. 東京都心3区、人口増が加速 子育て世代流入(〃)
  13. 水道料金、30年後は1.6倍に 人口減で収支悪化(〃)
  14. 国有地売却、8割が随意契約 行政の裁量働きやすく(〃)
  15. ダライ・ラマのインド訪問に反発 中国(〃)
  16. 米経済「何かが間違っている」 JPモルガンCEO(〃)
  17. 北朝鮮ミサイル、急ピッチの技術向上 昨夏以降に加速(〃)
  18. タルーロFRB理事「ボルカールールは変更可能」 ストレステストの緩和も主張(〃)
  19. インド株が最高値 海外マネー流入、5年ぶり規模(〃)



  1. 小池都知事の支持率は74% 朝日新聞の都民世論調査(朝日)
  2. 首相に忖度? ぶれる内閣府の景気判断(日経)
  3. ロシア地下鉄爆発、自爆テロか 死者11人に(〃)
  4. 韓国大統領候補に文氏 最大野党、ポスト朴最有力(〃)
  5. 米政府、専門職ビザの審査厳格化 IT業界に影響も(〃)
  6. ムーディーズ、南ア国債を格下げ方向で見直し 経済・財政改革に疑い(〃)
  7. 米S&P、南アフリカ国債を投機的水準に格下げ 政権の内部分裂で政策持続性にリスク(〃)
  8. 中国、引き締め政策で金融市場が動揺 社債の発行停滞(〃)
  9. 仮想通貨の中核技術、国際標準巡り攻防 17カ国が交渉(〃)
  10. 公的年金に超低金利の逆風 GPIF、主軸の国債買いづらく(〃)
  11. アマゾン 銀行口座なしで通販 米国で新サービス開始(毎日)
  12. 原発事故処理、総額70兆円 民間シンクタンク試算、政府の3倍(SankeiBiz)
  13. ウクライナ政権、東部経済の支配めぐり親露派と対立激化 「国家分割の動き」指摘も(〃)
  14. 米の中国シンパ反発も 経済関係密接 トランプ氏強硬ならリスク(〃)
  15. 「米単独でも北の核に対応」 トランプ氏、中国非協力の場合想定(〃)
  16. 【新興国に翔ける】押し付けと言いなりのバランス(〃)
  17. The real reasons Spain is using Gibraltar as a Brexit bargaining chip (Telegraph)
  18. Deflation danger over for European Central Bank but fresh debt drama looms (〃)
  19. North Korea offers Donald Trump a chance to prove he is the ultimate deal maker (〃)
  20. Why a ‘significantly undervalued’ pound will bounce back this year (〃)
  21. Netanyahu inaugurates latest anti-missile system, claims Israel’s ‘enemies are in existential danger’ (SOTT)
  22. Kurdistan Region will hold independence referendum in 2017 (〃)
  23. Survey reveals Central banks ditching euro for Sterling (〃)
  24. Germany protects CIA-linked Gulen movement from Erdogan (〃)
  25. ‘Iran arms manufacturing facilities in Lebanon are new kind of threat’ (Jerusalem Post)
  26. Analysis: Is Israel ready to face thousands of Hezbollah missiles? (〃)
  27. Israel, European states advance plans for world’s longest underwater gas pipeline (〃)



  1. Ten years’ financial crisis: Can it happen again? (FAZ)
  2. Trump slump: Dollar sinks to four-month low and Dow Jones heads for longest losing streak since 2011 on reflation trade doubts (Telegraph)
  3. Trump sends letter to Vietnam leader promoting better ties (Hill)
  4. Russia defends ancient Christian City from West’s head-chopping ‘moderates’ (SOTT)
  5. Erdogan urges Kurds to expand his powers in referendum (〃)
  6. Russia just called out US/NATO role in Afghan drug trafficking, media silent (〃)
  7. Mattis: U.S. concerned by Russia’s actions in Afghanistan (〃)
  8. Egyptian high court unblocks ban on islands transfer to Saudis (DEBKA)
  9. Mormon Baptism for the Dead Sees Resurgence, Despite Jewish Outcry (Haaretz)
  10. Egyptian Court Allows Contested Hand Over of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia (〃)
  11. From ‘Tehrangeles’ with love: The epic family history of some of LA’s wealthiest Persian Jews (Jerusalem Post)
  12. Is the Iranian regime facing a Kurdish uprising? (〃)
  13. Dozens of Jewish graves vandalized in French cemetery‏ (Ynet)
  14. Gibraltar ‘not for sale,’ Britain tells Spain (Press TV)
  15. Shanghai FTZ to support “Belt and Road” initiative through bond offering (Shanghai Daily)
  16. タンス預金が増える理由 「資産見られたくない」(日経)
  17. 日本企業の海外M&A、最高の11兆円 16年度(〃)



  1. 外交・防衛「悪い方向に」増える…内閣府調査(読売)
  2. 1日8000歩で還付金出る医療保険 東京海上とドコモ(日経)
  3. 米、不公正貿易に強硬策 商務長官は日中独を名指し(〃)
  4. 南アフリカ 10閣僚交代(毎日)
  5. 福島第一廃炉 危険手当 大幅「中抜き」業者証言、日額300円の例(東京)

  1. 自動運転強化、周辺業界で買収相次ぐ カメラやセンサーの技術吸収、車各社に売り込み(SankeiBiz)
  2. 消費財、ネット直販が前提 アマゾン、各社取り込みへ商品デザイン提案(〃)



  1. GLOBAL INCREASE IN MILITARY SPENDING: The big contest – and who profits from it (Handelsblatt)
  2. Europe’s security under pressure: The Brexit throws its shadows ahead (NZZ)
  3. Global currency reserves: The Chinese renminbi makes its debut (〃)
  4. Our exit from Europe will spur China’s path to world leadership (Telegraph)
  5. White House: Fate of Assad up to Syrians (Hill)
  6. Putin spokesman: US-Russia relations ‘maybe worse’ now than Cold War (〃)
  7. U.S. Military Personnel Deployments by Country

  1. Massive fire collapses section of Atlanta I – 85 highway (WDIM)
  2. Israel conducts large-scale military drill to get ready for next ‘real war’ with Hezbollah (SOTT)
  3. SpaceX reuses Falcon 9 rocket, but long road ahead for military adoption (Defense News)
  4. US State Dept. employee arrested by FBI on suspicion of spying for China (DEBKA)
  5. Jordan’s King Abdullah: Israel undermining chances of peace (Jerusalem Post)
  6. For first time in decades, Pakistan allows one citizen to register as a Jew (〃)
  7. ISIS eyeing South Sinai (Ynet)
  8. Belgian region’s plan to ban ritual slaughter upsets Jews, Muslim‏ (〃)
  9. North Korea has got to be stopped: Mattis (Press TV)
  10. ‘US no longer focusing on getting Assad out’ (〃)
  11. 「トランプ相場」息切れ鮮明 3月米国株(日経)
  12. 住宅ローン金利上昇 3メガ銀、マイナス金利前水準に(〃)
  13. 財制審分科会委員に中曽日銀副総裁(〃)
  14. 金融市場、日銀の独壇場 国債保有400兆円、株式最大の買い手(〃)
  15. 法人所得総額、過去最大の57兆円 15年度(〃)
  16. ヨルダン川西岸で入植地建設承認 イスラエル、20年ぶり(〃)
  17. [FT]石炭復権のトランプ大統領令は経済原理無視(〃)
  18. 米貿易障壁報告書 日本の車市場に「強い懸念」表明(毎日)
  19. 政府、米抜きTPP発効を検討 ガット参考に別途議定書案(SankeiBiz)



  1. What if Putin is telling the truth? Then what? (SOTT)
  2. Bill to audit the FED passes House Committee, and could become law (〃)
  3. ‘Smurfing’ around China’s capital controls (〃)
  4. As ISIS’s caliphate shrinks, Syrian anger grows (〃)
  5. Looming “black swans”? The US market has its head buried deep in the sand (〃)

  1. He who has the gold makes the rules: China claims discovery of its largest gold mine with $22 billion potential (〃)
  2. UK court declares Ukraine has no ‘justifiable defense’ for non-payment of $3bn debt to Russia (〃)
  3. India, Russia make progress toward Ka-226T helo production (Defense News)
  4. Trump administration to allow Bahrain F-16 deal (〃)
  5. Israeli borders not cited at Arab Summit (DEBKA)
  6. Trump, Saudi prince agreed that US banks will manage Aramco IPO (〃)
  7. Turkey suddenly ends Euphrates shield invasion of Syria (〃)
  8. Business Is Booming in Nuclear Doomsday Bunkers, Thanks to Trump (Haaretz)
  9. Iran to US: Stop harassments in Persian Gulf (Press TV)
  10. North Korea capable of killing millions of Americans: US intelligence officials (〃)
  11. China continues mineral imports from North Korea, despite sanctions (NKEW)
  12. The new Dandong-Pyongyang flight (〃)
  13. Chinese president to visit Finland, meet Trump in US (Shanghai Daily)
  14. China-made large amphibious aircraft to fly in May (〃)
  15. Toshiba’s nuke unit files for bankruptcy (〃)
  16. Cambodia marks 20 years since deadly grenade attack (Jakarta Post)
  17. Nissan Indonesia replaces CEO with Mitsubishi man (〃)
  18. 韓国の朴槿恵前大統領、収賄などの容疑で逮捕(読売)
  19. 原発避難4町村解除…浪江など31日と4月1日(〃)
  20. 小池都政で初の予算、44年ぶり全会一致で成立(〃)
  21. 韓国軍「北、以前と異なる核実験を行う可能性」(〃)
  22. 北朝鮮大使館員ら北京着 遺体のせたとみられる飛行機で(朝日)
  23. シリア北部の対IS作戦が終了 トルコ首相が表明(〃)
  24. 博多陥没:市の責任踏み込まず 休業店舗関係者ら疑問の声(毎日)
  25. シリア難民、国外脱出500万人超す 内戦6年(日経)
  26. イラクに31年ぶり融資 国際協力銀、メガ銀と530億円(〃)
  27. [FT]Sontakuがつなぐ日本のスキャンダル(〃)
  28. [FT]英EU離脱、政治主導に懸念募らせる経済界(〃)
  29. 自公党首ぎくしゃく、都議選が影 共謀罪審議で溝(〃)
  30. 敵基地攻撃能力保有、首相に提言 自民安保調査会(東京)
  31. 国の債務超過465兆円 国債発行増、GPIF運用悪化で(SankeiBiz)
  32. 骨太方針、付加価値生み出す人材育成がカギ 教育機会が不平等になる状況の改善必要(〃)
  33. 新疆ウイグルで空港12カ所新設へ(〃)
  34. 「都議選とのダブル選が望ましい」 飯島勲内閣官房参与が衆院解散・総選挙の時期に言及 小池百合子東京都知事を牽制(産経)
  35. タワーマンション 東京五輪後にやってくるスラム化の恐怖(zakzak)
  36. 「千載一遇の好機」中国、札束チラつかせ英と“蜜月演出”…経済・外交的戦略で日米牽制(〃)